What To Look For In A New Office Space

The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. This means that an office space directly impacts an employee’s mental and physical health.

Gone are the days when you could sit at a metal desk and metal office chairs. Instead, people need an office space that feels comfortable and encouraging and lets them create a healthy workspace.

So what does an employee look for when deciding on a new office space? What creates the perfect workspace environment?

In this article, we discuss the things that you should look for when finding the new office space that’s right for you. Leave this checklist out the next time you’re searching for a new office for rent.

Size and Layout of the Space

When buying an office, consider the size and layout of the space. You should ensure the office offers enough space to accommodate your current and future needs.

The layout should be designed in a way that maximizes efficiency. Is it an open or closed plan? What type of furniture or layout works best for the type of work you do?

The office should have enough square footage, with sufficient room for meeting rooms, breakout areas, or separate workspaces. Furthermore, consider if the office space is easy to access, both by your employees and any potential customers who may need to visit the office.

If you are looking for a small office space for rent, research the building owner and determine their terms for use and the lease length.


Start by determining if you need to be in a certain type of neighborhood or in a certain metropolitan area. You should think about how close your new office space is to your clients, employees, and suppliers.

Additionally, you should consider the options for public transportation, parking, or other modes of transportation for your employees. You should also take into account the local amenities and nearby shops and restaurants, as these can be attractive to potential employees.

Amenities the Space Offers

The office would be located in a professional building with all the necessary utilities. Consider whether the space is outfitted with a kitchen/cafeteria, break rooms or other shared spaces that can make life a bit more comfortable and productive for everyone.

Seeing if the space offers mail services and printer/fax access is also important to note. Do some research into the details of the property and see if it comes with furniture or if the renter needs to provide that.

Does the space have comfortable chairs, desks, tables, whiteboards, and other items that can help facilitate an efficient workspace? Also, find out what kind of networking and telecommunication options the space offers.

Some offices may come with access to fast, reliable broadband and Wi-Fi connections. Finally, it is also wise to consider whether the office building offers on-site security as well as safety measures like fire and/or smoke detection systems.

What to Consider in a New Office

When shopping for new office space, be sure to look at the location, size of the space, and amenities. In the end, having a space that fits your specific needs and budget is key.

Do your research and take the time to visit multiple spaces to make sure you are getting the best office space possible. Take the plunge and contact a landlord today to get the ball rolling on your perfect office space.

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