10 Years of Rick on the Rocks: How This Florida-Based Dad Blogger Has Stayed Relevant

Florida-based dad blogger Rick, founder of Rick on the Rocks, has been blogging since 2010 with nearly hundreds of posts to date. His site focuses on lifestyle, travel, and music topics and is read by over thousands of unique visitors per month. Because rick on the rocks florida dad blogger lifestyle travel
been around longer than most bloggers, he’s had more time to make mistakes—and learn from them.

Florida-based dad blogger Rick on the Rocks has been blogging about lifestyle, travel, and music since 2010. Since then, he’s seen many ups and downs in his career as a blogger — but he’s still going strong! Here’s how this Florida-based dad blogger has stayed relevant in the ever-changing world of blogging over the past decade. Here are 10 valuable lessons he has learned in 10 years of blogging.

10 valuable lessons rick on the rocks florida dad blogger lifestyle travel has learned in 10 years of blogging

Here is a list of 10 valuable lessons rick on the rocks florida based dad blogger of lifestyle travel has learned in 10 years of blogging:

  1. Keep Your Content Fresh and Informative –
    If you want people to keep coming back to your blog, then you need to update it consistently with fresh content that is both informative and entertaining.
  2. Be Yourself – A blog should be a place where you can show your personality. Don’t try to be someone else just because you think it’ll get more readers.
  3. Find What You Love and Stick With It –
    You have to find what you love about blogging in order to stick with it for so long. rick on the rocks blogger says, “I really enjoy writing about lifestyle topics that are relevant to parents living in Southwest Florida”.
  4. Have Fun With It! – Even if you’re not getting great traffic numbers or views at first, as long as you’re having fun doing what you’re doing, then stick with it!
  5. Give Other People’s Posts Attention – He says, I try to read other bloggers’ posts as often as possible and give them attention when I can by commenting on them, tweeting about them, or pinning from their site.
  6. Leave Comments (on others’ blogs) Consistently – When I leave comments on other people’s blogs, I know that they’re going to do the same for me when they see my post. It’s important to return the favor!
  7. Connect with Others Who Share Similar Interests – Whether it’s connecting on social media, finding like-minded bloggers to share links to each other’s work, or making an effort to meet up offline once in awhile; connecting with other like minded individuals will help you stay motivated and inspired.
  8. Get Out There And Meet New People – Make an effort to attend events related to your niche and make connections there so you don’t feel alone while blogging!
  9. Avoid Complaining –
    If you’re going to be successful at blogging, you’re going to have to avoid complaining and whining about things that may be holding you back.
  10. Don’t Give Up!
    If you really want to be successful with your blogging efforts, you’re going to have to stick with it and not give up when times get tough. And they will get tough! If you can make it through those rough patches, then you’ll be a blogging success in no time!

Most Prominent Features of lifestyle travel blogger

1) A passion for words

rick on the rocks lifestyle travel blogger started blogging in 2010 to share his thoughts about life with a small but growing audience. He didn’t blog for money or fame, but because he loved words and wanted to write.
He is of the view that, “As a first time blogger, I didn’t know what to expect. Would my readers like what I wrote? Would they leave snarky comments? Would they read every post I published? What would they think if I admitted that not everything in life was perfect?”

2) A keen interest in pop culture

Rick’s keen interest in pop culture is what sets him apart from other parenting blogs. His coverage of music and travel provides a unique perspective that resonates with his audience. Rick’s blog has grown over time to include coverage of lifestyle and travel as well.

3) Understanding how technology works

florida based dad blogger  famous about lifestyle travel emphasises that in this day and age, it’s necessary to stay current with technology. Whether you’re a blogger or not, it’s imperative that you stay up to date with trends and changes in order to get your message out there.

4) Quality over quantity when creating content
When it comes to blogging, there are many myths that circulate about how often you should post. The truth is that there is no right answer to this question, and it’s up to you to find out what works best for your blog.

dad blogger of lifestyle travel recommends that you focus more on quality than quantity when creating content. In other words, put a lot of thought into each post rather than trying to pump out posts as quickly as possible just for the sake of having new content.

Final Thoughts

So, what are some of your valuable lessons from blogging? Are you a seasoned blogger with years under your belt or a newer blogger that could use advice? Leave a comment below and we can chat!

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