PPC for Lawyers: How To Target The Right Keywords For Your Law Firm

Are you aware that Google receives more than 40,000 search queries per second?

Search marketing allows you to tap into this market and target people actively looking for your services. This can help you increase your lead conversion rate and generate more traffic to your website.

The hardest part is figuring out which keywords to use in your PPC campaigns. The right keywords will help you target the right audience, but the wrong ones will waste time and money.

Here are a few tips to help you identify the best keywords PPC for lawyers to use in your PPC campaign.

Target Longtail Keywords

These are keywords that are more specific and less competitive. These are specific to your practice area and location. They are the ones that potential clients are searching for when they need legal help.

To find the right longtail keywords, start with your main practice areas and then add in your location. For example, “divorce lawyer Los Angeles.”

Then add in some other relevant keywords that describe your firm, such as “family law,” “custody,” and “child support.”

Use Negative Keywords

This will help you filter out unwanted traffic. The PPC strategies for lawyers are essential to getting clients through your door. But did you know that you can use negative keywords to help zero in on those clients even more?

Negative keywords allow you to exclude specific terms from your campaigns. For example, if you’re a criminal defense lawyer, you might want to add “not guilty” as a negative keyword.

That way, you won’t waste time and money on ads targeting people who have already been convicted of a crime.

Including negative keywords in your campaigns can help you save money and get more targeted leads. So if you’re not using them already, start today!

Do Your Research

When researching PPC for lawyers, researching the right keywords is essential. You want to target keywords that potential clients are searching for and relevant to your practice.

But how do you know which keywords to target? One way is to use a keyword research tool like Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Enter a few relevant keywords, and it will show you how often those keywords are searched for and related keywords.

You can also use Google Trends to see which keywords are trending upward, meaning more and more people are searching for them.

Another way to research keywords is to ask your potential clients what keywords they would use to search for a lawyer like you. This can give you some great insight into the mind of your target market.

Once you’ve researched various keywords, you can start narrowing your list and target the most relevant and popular keywords for your PPC for lawyers’ guide.

By targeting the right keywords, you can ensure that your PPC for lawyers campaigns is more effective and that you’re reaching the right people.

Best Practices for PPC for Lawyers

PPC for lawyers can be a great way to target the right keywords for your law firm. Targeting the right keywords is essential for any law firm’s PPC campaign.

The right keywords will help ensure that your ad is seen by potential clients searching for your services. With the help of a PPC agency, you can target the right keywords for your law firm and improve your chances of getting new clients.

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