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How to do TikTok Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide


After the launch of the mobile app TikTok, you may be wondering how to use it to market your business, brand, or product in an effective way. If you’re just starting out with TikTok marketing, these tips will help you get started and introduce you to some more advanced strategies for growing your following and increasing engagement. This beginner’s guide will show you how to use TikTok for marketing and improve your brand presence on this highly effective social media platform.

More than just a place to share 15-second videos, TikTok has become an effective marketing platform, reaching younger audiences in ways that many other platforms cannot. With more than 300 million users, it’s time you started using TikTok to your advantage! In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about TikTok and how to use it to grow your business.

TikTok, the streaming video app with millions of users, has become the platform of choice for many small businesses to market their products and services. Whether it’s an idea for an original TikTok ad or making your product look good in someone else’s video, there are many creative ways to use TikTok as a marketing tool. In this guide, you’ll learn what TikTok is, why it’s so popular and how it can be used to build your brand and sell more stuff. By following these tips and tricks, you can get started with TikTok Marketing today!

The Basics

TikTok is a social media app where users share short video clips. It has been ranked as the fastest-growing social media app in the United States, with over 100 million downloads on iOS and Android combined. If you want to use TikTok as a marketing tool, it is important that you know how it works – from understanding how to navigate its ads manager and building a business profile on the app, all the way down to what types of ads perform well there.

What Is The Benefit Of TikTok Advertising?

TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps of 2022, and it has only been getting more popular as it adds new features and functionality. In fact, in 2025, TikTok will be the number one app in terms of revenue.
If you are looking to build a business profile or advertise on TikTok, this guide is perfect for you. We’ll guide you what types of ads perform well on the social app, how to build a business profile, and the benefits of advertising.

The Good Stuff – What You Should Do First

A successful business profile will have a catchy name, eye-catching photo and an enticing bio. It’s also important to include your website, email address and phone number.

Here are some of the benefits of advertising on TikTok. Reaching a large audience is possible with the app, it’s not necessary to be 18 or over in order to create an account and you can use geofilters which are geo-targeted filters. Brands that advertise on TikTok get higher reach and engagement than brands who don’t advertise. Brands using these strategies in 2022 had increased their average views by 40% from 2017 levels.

The Bad Stuff – What You Should Avoid Doing

TikTok is an app that has captured the attention of a number of marketers and influencers, with many of them using it as a social media platform. The platform was originally designed for music but in recent years it has changed into a social media app where people can watch short-form videos.

With so many marketing opportunities on the app, it can be difficult to know what you should be doing.
-Do not buy bots or views. These will only get your account banned. Avoid these like the plague because they are one of the quickest ways to lose everything. The best way to build up followers and engagement is by being creative on your posts, which may take time if you have none right now. It’s worth it though!

How To Build A TikTok Profile to advertise Your Brand

This is the best way to create a profile on the app, allowing you access to all of the features available on the app. You’ll need to have an account set up first, which has its own steps . To create a business profile on TikTok, follow these steps

I) Sign Up

Open the app and select Sign Up at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. From there, you can choose to sign up as an individual or as a company. Select company if you want to build a business page on TikTok. Once you’ve selected company, be sure to add the appropriate information about your company including:
-Company Name
-Category, Industry
-Website Address
-Phone Number.
You’ll also need to select a username that will act as your official brand name within the app. It must be unique, so make it easy enough to remember.

II) Build Your Account

Now that you’re signed up as an official business, you’ll see Build Your Profile in green letters across the top of the screen. Choose this option from the list and then fill out each field with accurate information about your company. Fill out the following fields:
-Type (e.g., Software Developer)
-Company Website URL
-Contact Email Address
-Contact Phone Number
-Twitter Handle (optional)
-Facebook Page (optional).

III) Add Social Media Handles along with Business InformationIf

you don’t already have social media handles associated with your business account, now would be a good time to do so.

IV) Indicate Payment Preferences

Are you willing to pay for your account? The app does offer some free ways of using it, but using them may limit your capabilities. If you’re willing to pay, make sure that Yes is selected here.

V) Submit Your Account

Once you’ve filled out your profile, check it over carefully and then hit Submit. You’ll be asked to accept a bunch of terms and conditions, so don’t worry about that now. But do make sure you scroll through them all when you get a chance.

Profile Rejected? Common Reasons

Many businesses have been rejected when they try to upload a profile on TikTok. Here are some reasons why your profile may not have been approved and how you can fix it.

I) You are in the wrong country

Make sure your country is on the list of countries that currently work with TikTok.

II) You don’t have any followers

Having no followers will make it hard for people to find you, so we recommend following influencers and other businesses that might be interested in interacting with you.

III) The content violates their Terms of Service

TikTok has a list of banned content that includes nudity, violence, bullying, drugs and alcohol. Keep your posts light-hearted and share positive messages

IV) You submitted more than one account for approval

If this happens there will be an email notification from them asking you to choose which account you want to use.

How To Navigate via TikTok Ads Manager

TikTok Ads Manager is the easiest way to get started with advertising on TikTok. If you have a business profile, you can access Ads Manager from your account settings.

I. Creating Campaign

The first thing you’ll want to do is create a campaign and set your budget by tapping the Create Campaign button at the bottom of your screen. Once you’re in the campaign creation screen, select which type of ad(s) you want to run and how much money you want to spend per day.

II. Assets
The Assets page stores all your ad assets, including events, creatives, audience data, and catalogs.
The Assets page is also the primary source for creating and managing third party tracking pixels, website pixels and audience managers.

You can create custom advertising reports here and share them with your team members. You can customize each column according to your needs or use one of the predefined templates.

What Types Of Ads Can You Run On TikTok?

TikTok is the perfect platform for businesses looking to reach a younger audience. Since 2020, businesses have been able to run Ads on TikTok. There are two types of ads that you can run on the app, video ads and slideshow ads.

-Video ads will display your Ad as a thumbnail in between videos in users’ feeds.
-Slideshow ads will display images from your feed in an ad format with a short description written by you below them.

Here are the five major categories of TikTok Ads:

I. TikTok Ads: In-Feed Ads
In-feed ads have a similar feel to the Instagram ads you see when you tap an infinite Instagram story. These videos will appear alongside other videos on our For You page (FYP). Designed to fit seamlessly into your TikTok experience. Usually 9-15 seconds format and includes a clear call to action (CTA), but this can vary.
These ads must be eye-catching and attractive in order to grab the end-user’s attention. This makes it more likely that end users will continue to interact with your ads.

II. TikTok Ads: Brand Takeover
Ads may appear immediately after opening the app. It’s brand takeover advertising. If you want to raise brand awareness among a large audience, this ad type is the best way to reach that goal. After the ad is shown to the user when they open the app, it is also shown in FYP.

If you’re a small business or just getting started with TikTok advertising, this may not be the most effective ad template. These ads can be very expensive due to their wide reach. Seeing KPIs and performance benchmarks is important in deciding which format to proceed with.

III. TikTok Ads: TopView
Built on Brand Takeover Ads, Top View ads are similar, but instead of showing the ad immediately after the user opens the app, it shows up in the feed after 3 seconds.

IV. TikTok Ads: Branded Hashtag Challenge
If you create this type of ad, encourage users to create self-generated content with hashtags of your choice. When an end-user clicks on a sponsored hashtag, they are taken to a TikTok landing page with a logo, website link, and challenge description.

This information will set the end user up for creativity. It’s important to remember that these ads require a very clear purpose before the ad starts. You should determine if this hashtag challenge is designed to increase product awareness, generate leads, or increase brand awareness. Once you’ve worked out the details, you can set clear criteria for your hashtag challenge.

V. TikTok Ads: Branded Effects
Similar to Snapchat, TikTok allows brands to advertise with shareable stickers and filters. These ads can run for up to 10 days and encourage end-users to engage directly with your brand.

What Type Of Content Performs Well On TikTok?

All social platforms have content styles that perform better than others. Understanding the types of content that drives engagement can help you maximize your key performance indicators (KPIs) and avoid the trap of sharing only promotional content.
Below are three types of content that drive engagement on TikTok.

I. Humor
Why are end users drawn to TikTok? You are looking for entertainment and a short escape. Brands can effectively appeal to this audience through humor. Casually presenting a problem and how your product solves it is a unique way to showcase your product and solution.

II. Educational
Have you ever been tagged in a “TikTok tips” or “TikTok hacks” video? Probably too many to count.
The reason is that these videos are very informative and engaging. Following a similar format is beneficial for brands. Show prospects how your product can help them solve their problems in a memorable and meaningful way.

iii. Influencers
By building strong partnerships with industry influencers, you can speak directly to your target audience. Influencers have the unique ability to build rapport with large numbers of followers.
This trust is very valuable as it gives us the opportunity to openly review and support our products.You can address your audience’s pain points and be recognized as a trusted and authentic source of information.

Final Thoughts

TikTok is a great platform for marketing your business. It gives you a place to build your brand, connect with customers and even sell products. However, before you can do any of that, it’s important to know how to build a business profile on TikTok.

TikTok Continues Unprecedented Growth. As more and more new advertising opportunities become available and the platform is constantly updated, the potential for growing your business on this platform will only increase significantly.


Abdul razzaq is a business entrepreneur, freelancer and digital marketer. He believes in spreading mass awareness about changing digital marketing and new trends in e-commerce

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