3 Strategies For Boosting Foot Traffic In Your Boutique

One of the most shocking news articles that troubled retail store owners were about the closing of many Office Depot stores.

But while we might lament this closing, many retail stores are closing and are being replaced by online shopping. If you run a boutique, for example, you might be facing the same difficulties in your business.

But, this is not the time to lose hope! All you have to do is find a way to bring more foot traffic into your boutique.

Here’s how to drive foot traffic:

1. Put Up a Big Sign

Your first step should be to visit this local print shop and get a big sign printed for your boutique.

In this big sign, you should promote a particular sale that your boutique offers. For example, this is where you can promote offers such as EVERYTHING 50% OFF or BUY 1 GET 1 FREE.

This is the fastest way to attract attention to your boutique and drive foot traffic to your boutique.

2. Share Product Images Via Instagram

Of course, just because your boutique is in the physical world doesn’t mean you can’t attract customers via the digital world.

Take pictures of your products and share them on your company’s Instagram page. Make sure you use a high-definition camera or use a smartphone with 4K photo quality.

You can also make short video reels that showcase your product. If you want to really get creative, make short video tutorials on how customers can use these products. These mini-infomercials are the fastest way to sell a product.

Integrate the shop feature in Instagram so that your customers can reserve a product. Then, they can come into your boutique to inspect the product to decide if they wish to buy it.

3. Pick Up and Returns

While online retail continues to threaten physical retail, many customers still feel comfortable seeing a product first.

There are also many customers who worry about their order getting stolen if left on their doorstep. Returns are also not reliable with postal services or courier services.

One unique way to drive foot traffic to your boutique is an offer to pick up and return services in the store. This continues with what we discussed in the previous section.

Let your customers buy your products online. They can then pick it up from your store. If they need to return a product, they should be able to drop it off in-store rather than having to go to a courier service.

Get More Foot Traffic

With these strategies, you’ll have no problem bringing in foot traffic to your boutique store.

Start by creating and putting up a big sign to promote a sale for your boutique. This is one of the fastest ways to attract attention and drive lots of foot traffic.

Make sure you share images and videos of your products on your company’s Instagram. It would help if you also give your customers the option of ordering your products online. They should have the freedom to pick up their order in-store as well as return them in-store.

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Abdul razzaq is a business entrepreneur, freelancer and digital marketer. He believes in spreading mass awareness about changing digital marketing and new trends in e-commerce

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