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BTS Group Photos


Fans of the K-pop group BTS might have noticed that their group photos always have the same order. While it may seem random, most groups have a set order for group photos. For example, NCT 127 has all members standing next to each other. In addition, Taeyong, Jaehyun, and WinWin are next to one another in most group photos. However, the group may have an official order, or they may simply have a “set” number of photos to take.

36 new concept photos

K-pop group BTS have unveiled 36 new concept photos, featuring artful, new group shots as well as fresh solo shots of the members. The new pics showcase the group as a whole, as well as the individual members Jin, Suga, V, Jimin, and Jungkook.

36 new t-shirts

The South Korean boy band BTS has released 36 new concept photos for their Proof album. These photos feature the members in icy blue lighting with colored lasers streaking across their faces. Other images show the members in black and white with shadows cast against a steel bank vault. These photos are meant to be a celebration of BTS’s almost decade-long career. Fans are lining up to buy the items, which include t-shirts, hoodies and posters.

The group has already made history in the music industry by selling more than 400 million albums and breaking record-breaking tours in over 40 countries. Their popularity has soared to unprecedented levels, selling out stadiums worldwide and eclipsing Taylor Swift’s chart-topping sales. However, their recent controversy over their fashion choices led to the cancellation of a show in Japan.


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