5 Common Amazon Advertising Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Amazon is the biggest selling platform globally, so it’s no surprise you’re interested in using it to grow your business. Its use is widespread, with most online companies using it to advertise their brands. Quarter three of 2022 alone saw ad revenue of $9.55 billion.

You must avoid mistakes impacting your success to get the most from your Amazon advertising strategy. Below are five common Amazon advertising mistakes that you must avoid.

1. Bad Keyword Selection

Amazon advertising is all about finding the right people for your products. You do this by finding people searching for what you offer or similar products in your industry. You do this by bidding on keywords.

However, not all Amazon advertising keywords are created equal. Be sure the keywords you choose are relevant to your product. Track your results over time to see if any keywords don’t convert and optimize the ones that lead to Amazon sales.

2. Bad Campaign Structure

Your campaign structure significantly affects how your Amazon ad campaign performs. You can segment your ad campaigns by keywords and other factors. However, your campaigns may not work as intended with the way Amazon displays ads.

Keyword targeting is broader than something on Google. It’s based on relevancy instead of exact match, so your products may appear for searches you may not expect. You can avoid this problem by structuring your campaigns to target the right keywords with the right products, which allows you to fine-tune the searches your ad campaign shows up for.

3. Ignoring the Targeting Types

There is more than one way to target an audience on Amazon. You can rely on automatic targeting and manual targeting.

Each of these types has pros and cons that make them worth exploring. It’s a mistake to only rely on one of them during your campaign setup. Experiment with each one to see which one offers the best results.

4. Skipping A/B Testing

You probably won’t have great results initially when driving traffic to Amazon listings. Your initial campaigns give you a framework to collect data on how well your campaigns are set up.

Over time, your goal is to tweak your campaign to increase your conversion rates. These tweaks are A/B testing. Be sure to learn how to A/B test on Amazon to start optimizing your profits.

5. Not Reading Amazon Resources

The Amazon ad platform is big. There are a lot of screens with tons of options to explore. It’s hard to maximize your platform use when you do no research.

Amazon offers educational resources that give you this information. Check Amazon’s material to learn how to navigate the platform and find features that will help your Amazon campaigns.

Don’t Fall Victim to Amazon Advertising Mistakes

It’s not easy to get started on Amazon. There is a ton of competition, and you’ll compete with Amazon itself in many situations. That’s why you can’t afford to make common Amazon advertising mistakes that hurt your chances of making sales.

Luckily, there are many things you can watch out for when selling products on Amazon. Remember the mistakes above and continue watching for new ones to see the benefits of Amazon advertising yourself.

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Abdul razzaq is a business entrepreneur, freelancer and digital marketer. He believes in spreading mass awareness about changing digital marketing and new trends in e-commerce

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